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eSports is developing incredibly fast and this year millions were spent in promotions and sponsorships. A good sum of the money goes to the winning players

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Rivers play an important role in the world's ecosystem, and a special place in world history, what with some of them being the birthplace of major ancient civilizations. Some rivers, however, are known for being dangerous, taking lives as much as giving them.

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Overwatch is the newest video game released by Blizzard. Skins change your appearance in-game. Here are the most bought skins by players around the world.

10 Most Dangerous Prison Gangs In The World

The Mexican Mafia, USA Source: Link Also known as La eMe, this gang has been operating in American prisons since 1957 when members from Hispanic street gangs formed it in a youth correctional institute in Tracy, California. It is currently believed to be the most powerful gang in the state’s prison systems. Click the next ARROW to see the next image! Brodraskapet, Sweden Source: Link This gang...

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