10 Awesome Facts You Might Not Know About Italy

Italy is amazing with long history and very beautiful places to see. Everyone knows that. However, there are awesome facts about Italy not everyone knows!

Top 10 Spookiest Places In The World

Some of these places are too spooky for me. Do you dare to find out which the creepiest places in the world are? Some of them are absolutely terrifying.

Top 10 Strangest Town Names In The World

Below you'll find the funniest and weirdest names you could ever expect for a town. What were they thinking? #2 and #1 are hilarious!

Top 10 Most Insane Restaurants in the World

From the type of food all the way to how it's ordered, there are some restaurants in the world that are absolutely crazy! Find out the most insane below!

Top 10 Most Crowded Places On Earth

Some places on earth are extremely densely populated, to the point where personal space in nonexistent. Here are the most crowded! #2 will blow your mind!

Top 10 Strangest Objects Found Under The Sea

Objects you would not normally expect to find in the bottom sea and incredible shipwrecks which are both impressive and haunting. Which are the strangest?

Top 10 Most Dangerous Destinations That Must Be Avoided

There are certain places in the world that no matter how much you like traveling, are better off not seen. Due to pollution or crime they must be avoided!

Top 10 Most Dangerous Roads in the World

Have you ever driven on a road on top of a very steep cliff with no guardrails and lots of sudden zigzags? Below are the most dangerous in the world!

10 Weirdest Beaches In The World

Everybody loves beaches but not all beaches are beautiful and normal. You will definitely be amazed by the 10 weirdest beaches in the world!

10 Deadliest Foods In The World

Some food is very dangerous to eat yet many people eat it. Some of them are the deadliest in the world. Never ever try to eat number one deadliest food.

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