10 Beautiful Places to Visit in St. Petersburg


Saint Petersburg is the second largest city of Russia. This amazing and beautiful city is a great place that has been discovered and described by many historians, scientists, poets, and writers. If you are looking for help with writing your paper about St. Petersburg, visit the website https://thesispanda.com/mba-thesis. This wonderful city will charm you by its unusual architecture and special spirit. It definitely has a great number of interesting places to visit, but in this short guide we will provide you with top 10 places you need to see in St. Petersburg.

  1. Hermitage Museum — probably this is the most famous place in this city, because all tourists come to see it. It contains of six huge buildings; the most recognizable is the Winter Palace. Be prepared to walk long; and notice that you won’t be able to see even half of museum in the one day!
  2. Peterhof Palace — this is a beautiful and huge park with various fountains and plants. You will be totally amazed by views, nature and luxury of this wonderful place.
  3. Visit the famous Church of the Split Blood and listen the exciting history of its creating. This beautiful building is a place that attracts tons of tourists every day. You will recognize it easy — it has a lot of colorful, spiral and gilded domes.
  4. Take a boat trip and view the city from the Neva river. You can choose from various tours that offer different directions and views. Don’t forget to bring your camera and take a lot of memorable photos.
  5. If you are interested desperately in Russian history and art, then you should visit the famous Russian Museum and look at the huge collection of art creations.
  6. Get a birds’-eye view of the amazing city from the Saint Isaac’s Cathedral. You will be amazed by both Cathedral’s interior and view from the colonnade.
  7. Walk on Palace Square and feel the power and mightiness of Russia. It’s a great place to make photos that attracts thousands of people. In the center you can see the famous Alexander Column.
  8. Take a long walk through Nevsky Prospect. You will find a lot of interesting buildings, shops, and historical places here. Nevsky is the well-known avenue of St. Petersburg, you can find a lot of cafes and restaurants here that always attract a lot of tourists.
  9. If you are interested how Russia’s royalty lived, visit the Catherine Palace that situated in Tsarskoe Selo. You will see wonderful interiors of the great palace and beautiful parks around.
  10. The famous symbol of Saint Petersburg is the statue of Peter the Great on the horse. This bronze statue is placed on the huge stone and it symbolizes Russian’s greatness and power.

We hope you will visit all placed listed above, and probably you will be able to see many other treasures of this wonderful city. Saint Petersburg attracts piles of tourists from all over the world, so don’t forget to plan your trip to this amazing city if you are going to visit Russia.