10 Items You Need in Your Winter Beauty Kit


With many of us getting to see snow and experience the joy of the holidays, winter can be a lovely season… except for its effects on our skin. Cold and dry weather can make us all miserable, especially those of us who are excessive hand and face-washers. Everyone has likely had the experience of slathering their hands with lotion, only to see the cracked and dry (and sometimes bleeding!) skin back five minutes later. Winter and its cold and dry temperatures can be relentless but, with a bit of preparation, we can still feel good about the way we look and feel. Read on for our suggestions on 10 items you need in your winter beauty kit.

  1. Lotion … and a Lot of It

Many of us apply lotion to our faces and bodies in the morning and then don’t reapply until bedtime. That’s a fine way to do it in every season except winter. As we mentioned earlier, this is the time of year we wash our hands the most to avoid getting colds and/or the flu. Between that and the dry weather, our hands and faces take a hydration beating. Make sure to bring a sample size lotion with you to reapply.

  1. Bronze, Baby, Bronze

Gone are the days when we would get our winter glow in tanning beds but that doesn’t mean we don’t want to be pasty white either. Find a bronzer that gives you a glow without going orange, and apply it to where the sun would naturally hit your face. A sun kissed-look in winter is possible.

  1. Shades

The reason we say this is that many people retire their sunglasses during the winter. Not only do our eyes need protection all year long but winter sun reflecting off snow can be even brighter. Protect against crow’s feet and eye damage by always having a pair in your car and in your purse.

  1. Lip Conditioner

Cracked lips are not only painful but they also make wearing lipstick a nightmare. Nothing looks worse than a coating of lipstick over dry, chapped lips. During the winter, make sure to have your favorite lip conditioner with you. One with ingredients like shea butter and ceramides is preferable, as it tries to treat the problem as well as make your lips look better. Some lip balms only provide a Band-Aid solution.

  1. A Hydrating Face Wash

You might be able to get away with splashing your face with your body soap in the interest of time or convenience during other seasons, but not in winter. To avoid dry skin that’s more prone to wrinkles, you need to ensure you’re using a hydrating face wash that’s good for all skin types.

  1. Facial Oil

We know anyone with past or present acne issues cringes thinking about this, but winter really mandates that we use these. This blustery season is so rough on our skin that we need to apply an oil or serum before moisturizing. While some facial scrubs might help slough off dead skin, many of them cause more irritation than good.

  1. Winter-proof with Waterproof Mascara

This can be difficult to remove but it’s so worth it on cold winter days. We’ve all had those instances in which we were forced to walk a few blocks in the cold, only to have our mascara run down to our chins. Avoid this disaster with a top waterproof mascara.

  1. Set the Stage with Primer

What did we ever do without this stuff? We need to wear foundation in the winter, as we can’t rely on that natural just-off-the-beach glow we get in summer. Without primer, though, foundation is more likely to fall into cracks on the skin, highlighting flaws and wrinkles instead of camouflaging them.

  1. Heavier Fragrances

We’re not talking about knocking anyone out in the elevator by spraying 20 times, but you might need to choose a stronger fragrance in the winter. As perfumer Rodrigo Flores-Roux notes via Allure magazine, “Scents don’t evaporate as easily when the weather is dry, so your perfume won’t be as noticeable.” Go for something with a bit more “oomph” or layer with lotion.

  1. Team Hair Rescue

Hair is miserably dry and frizzy during the winter, and often ends up looking like a giant ball of static. Make sure to use an intense conditioner or hair mask once a week, and fight the frizzies with anti-frizz serum. Finish it off by giving your hair the sheen it’s lacking with shine spray.

Winter can wreak havoc on hair and skin but arm yourself with the items on this list and you’ve got more than a fighting chance of looking fab this season.