4 cutting-edge careers you can study for online


In years gone by, employers might have regarded an online degree as an inferior version of its bricks and mortar equivalent. And many higher education establishments were unable to offer a wide choice of online subjects to students.

But things have changed — reputable universities realise that students are attracted to the flexibility of studying remotely and won’t confine themselves to limited choices.

If you’re wondering how distance learning might boost your career prospects, here are four cutting-edge careers you can study for online.

Digital marketing

If a career with a digital giant like Google sounds exciting, you can upskill for this sector online.

Studying online for a degree in digital marketing, you’ll learn all about content strategies, mobile marketing and search engine optimisation.

And there’s currently a digital skills gap in the UK — so you’ll definitely be in demand after graduation.

Digital marketers can develop a broad skillset in a busy agency or specialise in a niche for a big brand — but it’s a rewarding career either way.

Hearing science

If helping people combat the effects of hearing loss sounds like a worthwhile career, there are several distance learning courses available in audiology and hearing science.

It’s possible to specialise in areas like adult assessment and rehabilitation, paediatrics, research and development and special needs groups.

And specific job roles include hearing aid audiologist, new-born hearing screener and clinical scientist.

Practical placements are crucial parts of most medical qualifications — but it’s still possible to complete the classroom aspects of courses online in order to fit studying around your lifestyle.

A healthcare career can be challenging — but it also offers high levels of job satisfaction.

Big data

If the dynamic power of data floats your boat, completing an online degree that sharpens your skills in this sector could be your ticket to a lucrative career.

The total value of data centre mergers and acquisitions reached $20 billion in 2017 — so the industry is booming.

Job roles are more diverse than you may think — you can train as a technician, engineer or manager.

And running this type of operation requires a rare mix of IT skills, facilities management and security expertise.

But you can expect to make a healthy income once you tick the right boxes.

Biomedical science

If you’ve completed an undergraduate medical degree, you might be deciding which discipline to specialise in.

And if you want to work while you learn or are looking after a young family, an online degree might be the best fit for your responsibilities.

A distance learning masters in biomedical science might be a wise choice to catapult you into a dynamic career.

And the biotech industry is expanding rapidly in countries like China — so your new qualification could even help you migrate abroad.

There are many job roles in the sector — from lab technician to academic researcher, so choose the path that suits you best.

These four cutting-edge careers you can study for online prove it’s possible to switch careers or retrain from the comfort of your own home — without sacrificing family time or having to give up your job.

If you take the plunge and proceed with an online degree, it might be the best career move you ever made.

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