5 fantastic brand development tips for startups


Creating a strong brand helps you connect with customers, stand out from competitors and succeed as a startup.However, with so many aspects involved, just where do you start?

We’ll help you out by talking you though five fantastic brand development tips for your startup.

  1. Choose a good name

Your brand name plays a key role in peoples first impression of your business and it’s crucial to your discoverability online, so you need to take your time when choosing one.

A good name is concise, catchy and rolls off the tongue with ease. As well as this, it should be easy for people to remember and spell. For more advice on choosing a brand name, check out these startup name tips on Quick Sprout.

  1. Learn from your rivals

Checking out the work of your rivals will enable you to gain a lot of useful insight and enter the industry like a pro.

It also allows you to see what they’re doing well. However, don’t fall into the trap of copying your rivals, your focus should be on why they do what they do and how you can use that to inform your own branding.

Once you know your competitors, you’ll be nicely positioned to find ways of differentiating your brand, for example, by focusing on their areas of weakness.

  1. Define your USP

Your brand USP (Unique Selling Point) is that which makes your business unique and valuable to consumers. This could be anything from lower prices, to superior quality products or ethical practices.

Your USP should be your main area of focus for branding and you should showcase it to consumers as much as possible. Without a clear USP, your brand will fade into the ever-growing crowd of competitors.

  1. Brand storytelling

Brand storytelling involves creating a cohesive narrative that combines the facts and emotions that your brand evokes and it’s an effective method for standing out from competitors.

Behind every startup is a story of success, of overcoming hurdles in order to provide value to others. By sharing your own unique story, your brand will become more memorable and relatable, and consumers will form a more personal connection with you.

This brand storytelling article on Forbes goes into greater detail on the benefits.

  1. Create a strong logo

Your company logo is one the main identifiers of your brand to consumers, so it needs to be distinctive, in order to stand out and be memorable.

A well-designed logo will work across different mediums and be effective in promoting your brand on items of any size, from a stapler to a billboard. And for your office space, you can’t go wrong with a logo door mat from a mat manufacturer such as Kleen-Tex – it’s the perfect way to showcase your brand personality to staff and visitors alike.

Follow these five fantastic tips and your brand will benefit from a much-needed boost.

What are your best brand development tips? Let us know in the comments section.