7 Things to Do in Orlando Beyond Disney


What to do in Orlando beyond Disney. Because if you’re not traveling with children, you’ll be able to make the most of your time and enjoy not only other impressive theme parks, but also countless museums and shows. In Orlando you could spend weeks and keep finding new plans to do.

Places to visit in Orlando

Here we bring you our list of the best places to visit in Orlando. We have included Cape Canaveral for NASA fans, NBA games, other amusement parks (in fact, the best if you are over 16) such as Islands of Adventures and Universal Studios, several minigolf courses, museums such as Ripleys, etc. These places are amazing but also spread out across Orlando. Thus it’s a great idea to plan your transport ahead of time. The most convenient option is renting a car in Orlando.

Visit Islands of Adventure at Universal Studios

Undoubtedly, the best amusement park in the world is the Islands of Adventure. You have the world of Marvel with the roller coaster of Hulk, or the tremendous simulator of Spiderman, one of our favorite attractions. Several water attractions, the world of perfectly decorated Jurassic Park and the Harry Potter area, with an incredible representation of Hogwarts.

There you will find the most modern and innovative attractions in the world. Really, if you have the option, go. If only for the decorations and details hidden in each place. Universal Studios, the firstborn park that is right next to Islands of Adventure, is also worth a visit. The attractions are less adrenaline filled but equally worth a visit.

Travel to space in Cape Canaveral

The Kennedy Space Center at Cape Canaveral is about three quarters of an hour from Orlando. If you are a fan of NASA, you like rockets, or you just have a day off and you want to run away from Mickey’s ears, take a trip here. You will see the most memorable rockets that have been launched into space, you will see the astronauts’ lives, their customs, how they traveled. You will have access to a totally immersive experience within the Rocket Garden.

Get lost in an outlet

If yours is to take advantage of the United States to go shopping and burn the card, go ahead. Because here in Orlando you will find several of the best shopping centers in all of Florida, so take advantage of it! Among the most famous are the Premium Vineland Ave and Premium International Drive, with more than 150 stores each. Clothing, electronics, gadgets. Whatever you want, there will surely be a specific store of the product you are looking for in any of them. Moving between the stores and carrying the things you shopped to your apartment can be an issue if you don’t have your own rental vehicle, so keep that in mind. Shopping is something very typical to do in Orlando, and almost anywhere in the United States.

Ripley’s Museum

It consists of a very interactive museum of oddities. People who have managed to do something inexplicably weird. It is something like that of the Guiness but with more absurd records. Take a look because it’s funny!

Go see an Orlando Magic NBA game

The Orlango Magic are not what they used to be. Saquille O’Neal is no longer there, nor Howard, but they always manage to create a nice team that is worth seeing. In addition, the Americans are experts in putting a show to everything and here, in Orlando, it was not going to be less. A good match, against a good opponent, should not cost you more than $60 and I assure you it’s worth it.

Enjoy the best views from the top of the Icon

The Icon of Orlando is one of the most emblematic places in Florida. This place of observation, so similar to London’s London Eye, is a giant ferris wheel 122m tall from where you will see everything. An awesome place to visit in Orlando.

Play some of the most famous minigolf in the world

In Orlando there are 3 minigolf courses that are known worldwide. One of them (with two sets of 18 holes) is found as you enter Universal Studios Resorts, and probably has the best characterization and decoration. Another is the River Congos, which has a very cool atmosphere. But I also wanted to recommend the Pirate’s Cove. Both have an almost perfect rating, and always come out in the ranking of best minigolf courses in the United States.