70 Percent of People Say They Can Hear This Silent Gif. So What the Hell Is Going On?


If you’re not familiar with image formats, GIF or .gif stands forย Graphics Interchange Format and is a image that consists of multiple frames, basically making it an animated image. What separates GIFs from Videos is that GIFs never have sound. Yup, never, the format doesn’t support it. Then how is it possible that so many people around the world are able to hear something while watching this GIF?


Even though they know it’s impossible they still hear a thudding sound every time the transformer lands. How is such a thing possible?

Unable to explain the phenomena people are getting distressed over it but it’s not the first time this happens. This same GIF and others that are similar to it have resurfaced every couple of months plaguing the curious with more questions about how you can hear the sound in your head while it’s not there.

A researcher from the well known University of Glasgow tried to measure just what percentage of people are able to hear the sound of the GIF and it turned out to be the majority. Take a look at the poll below!

What do you think about this curious phenomenon? Can you hear it?