10 items to pack for a summer holiday

With the summer months fast approaching, you’ve probably got an awesome getaway planned. But before you can focus on the fun activities in store, there are practicalities like packing to consider – so here are...

10 Items You Need in Your Winter Beauty Kit

With many of us getting to see snow and experience the joy of the holidays, winter can be a lovely season… except for its effects on our skin. Cold and dry weather can make...
Delfogo Rx Neck & Chest Cream

Delfogo Rx Neck & Chest Cream Review

If you’re like me, you have probably spent the last few weeks looking for the perfect anti aging formula to help reduce your growing wrinkles and fine lines around the neck and upper chest...

Ingredients in the best neck creams

At one point in our lives, we all get aging signs on our skin. The truth is, aging affects most of our health ranging from various diseases, weak bones and joints and more. But...

Seductiva Intimate Zone Lightener Review

Have you wondered why your private areas like the arm pits, the area under your knees, your behind and especially the area around your private organs is so dark compared to other areas on...

5 Most Iconic Movie Dresses

Perhaps nothing warms the cockles of a fashionista more than a fabulous frock. But when it comes to mass appeal, even the most creative catwalks can’t compete with magical moments on the silver screen. With...

10 Celebrity Outfits That Looked Shockingly Bad

These are some of the most shockingly revealing or bad outfits celebrities have worn during premieres, awards and other live events.

10 British Singers That Became Popular Worldwide

These are the top 10 British singers that managed to succeed in a career abroad and became known worldwide for their songs.

10 Most Well Paid British Actors in Hollywood

These are the world known British actors in Hollywood we've seen in some of the best movies ever made. They are also the most well paid for their acting!

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