10 Most Dangerous Camping Styles Ever

Find out the most dangerous camping styles in the world. From hanging by the side of cliffs hundreds of meters tall to sleeping next to volcanoes.

10 Best Documentaries About Traveling Around the World

These are the best documentaries in the world about the long and adventurous journey of circling around the planet. Very interesting and inspiring.

10 Charming Tea Rooms in Wales You Have to Visit Before You Die

These are the best places to enjoy a cup of tea in Wales! Would you like one?

Top 5 Cities to Visit in the US

If the US is on your vacation list and you are more interested in exploring the city life there, then you have come to the right place because this list is made especially for...

10 Most Amazing Sunsets In Greece

The time when the sun hides to make way for the night, is one of the most beautiful parts of the day. Greece knows this very well with its magical sunsets!

Top 10 Best Things To Do In Capri In A Single Day

Imagine that you travel to Capri for a short getaway and you have only one day to do whatever you want. Which are the best things to do so you see the best?

Interesting Italian Words That Should Be Used in English Conversation

Here are some very unique Italian words that should definitely be used in English conversation thanks to how beautiful they are.

Top 10 Strangest Town Names In The World

Below you'll find the funniest and weirdest names you could ever expect for a town. What were they thinking? #2 and #1 are hilarious!

Tanker Sinks near Athens, Greece – Oil Spill across Beaches (Photos and Video)

All of Greece is saddened after the recent tragedy of the petroleum spill that reached all the way to Athens and has damaged the ecosystem.

Top 10 Most Dangerous Destinations That Must Be Avoided

There are certain places in the world that no matter how much you like traveling, are better off not seen. Due to pollution or crime they must be avoided!

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