Why Crete Is Ideal for Children


Crete is a naturally beautiful island and is also the largest island within Greece. Many families visit Crete every year, and there are many reasons why Crete is ideal for your children.

If you wish to have a safe and fun family holiday, Crete is ideal for you. There are many accommodations available for all family sizes and is it extremely affordable.


When going on holiday with your children, transport can be extremely important. There are three international airports which are linked to many travel companies, meaning flights are often and affordable. If you do not hire a car there are many bus routes which are easy to use and cheap. If you wish to hire a car or a campervan, there are many options in doing so and the modern roads of Crete are a breeze to drive on.


When you are on holiday you want your children to be safe and Crete gives you that safety and a sense of home as almost everyone on the island can speak English. Crete is known for its peacefulness and low criminality rate. There are many health centres and the English language is well-known with the nurses and doctors. Most of the beaches have lifeguards situated down them and swimming in the Mediterranean is totally safe as there are no dangerous or venomous animals on the island.


There are many different types of accommodation for families to stay in. If you wish to stay in the hustle and bustle of Crete, this may cost a little more. You can choose to stay all-inclusive which may save you money if you love a good cocktail and your kids munch all day.

If you wish for a quieter family holiday or want to spend more time as a family, there are villas in Crete to host all family sizes and price range. You can choose to have your own personal pool and you can cook your own meals in beautiful modern kitchens. Staying in a Crete villa is the perfect way to get away from the busy centre of Crete and having your own personal pool means you won’t be fighting for sunbeds.


There are many family friendly sea tours to keep your children entertained all day and it gives you the chance to visit other Greek islands and take in the beautiful views Greece has to offer. Many boats have glass bottoms meaning your children can spend hours watching for fish and other animals in the crystal-clear sea whilst you relax and enjoy the views. Many of these tours offer food, drink and music and have many on-board activities for your children to enjoy and make friends. You can also hire small boats or paddle boats to explore the Crete coast together as a family.


The towns of Crete have many outdoor play parks that have a wide variety of activities for your children to enjoy whilst you sit back and enjoy a coffee in the local café. The parks can keep your children entertained for hours, with the best ones always busy and a great way for children to make friends on holiday. Municipal Garden has a wonderful open-air cinema that you and your children can take a picnic to and enjoy a movie in the great outdoors, something that you can’t do often in England! There are skating and cycling areas if your kids are into outdoor activities. You can even take the little ones to feed the ducks and watch the animals in the sun.

Educational Trips

There are many museums in Crete that host tours specific for youngsters to learn more about the world around them. The Natural History Museum is a great place to visit which hold activities where children can learn more about dinosaurs. Another amazing feature of the museum is the earthquake platform which shows children how the most powerful earthquake in the world would have felt. There are also aquariums and farms on the island too.

Crete is a great place for families to visit. As well as these, Crete is home to many water parks and pubs that host families and hold shows and kids clubs. You and your children will want to visit Crete again and again, so choose from the many villas in Crete and book your holiday today!