Fun Things to Do in London This Winter


We all know that London can be fun all year round. The hustle and bustle of the “big city” together with the countless theatres, museums, galleries, places to drink, dine, or even dance – literally, whatever mood takes your fancy, London can accommodate it. So, if you’ve already booked your holiday apartments in London for this winter season, let’s examine how exactly you could be spending your time. Read on to find out all of the fun things that you can get up to in London this winter…

The Parks

There are many beautiful parks throughout London, from the well-known and often frequented likes of Hyde Park to the hidden gems, which the locals try and keep secret for themselves. Winter is a wonderful time of year, to wrap up warm and wander amongst the beauty of nature as it sleeps prior to the awakening of Spring.

Walking Tours

If you like a little exercise whilst you explore, then a walking tour is a great way to combine both. There are many to choose from, from the more obvious, to the obscure – such as the walking tour of haunted pubs. Not only will you learn a little more, but you’ll have regular stops to recharge those batteries!

Public Art

The Royal Parks have a wealth of public art that can be enjoyed against the wintery backdrop of nature. So if you’re an art lover who simply adores being outdoors in the Winter, why not combine both.


There may be a time however when you want a little warmth combined with your culture. London has an abundance of public museums and galleries, many of which remain free to enjoy. There will be a suitable choice regardless of your preference, be it nature, science or something a little more leftfield.


After a walk in the Wintery weather, where better to catch a little warmth other than a local hostelry, where you can warm your toes and revel in a little wintery indulgence, all before heading back safely to your choice of holiday apartments in London.


If you need a little post dinner entertainment, rather than a quiet get together, why not head to the West End where you can choose from a number of shows, plays and musicals that are varied enough to suit all manner of tastes. Tickets are often available on the day of the performance, but if you’re not keen on taking the risk, then you will be able to book in advance too.


If you’re still keen to be outside, even after dark, then consider Kew at night, where the gardens and artwork are illuminated for the public to enjoy. Again it may be wise to book in advance.

These choices are but a little selection of the wealth of wonders that London in the Winter can provide. There are simply too many things to list. It is perhaps sensible therefore to decide on what type of adventures you want to have, and thereafter narrow down your options to a chosen few. Do not however be overawed by the options, instead by inspired by all that London can offer you. Then dive right in and enjoy.