How Do You Maintain a Healthy Voice?

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Stunted, hoarse, sensual, tender, soft and warm, rough, monotonous; our voice has its own stigma and reveals our personality. The human voice is nothing more than the ability to produce sounds. The human voice is a miracle. If we think about it a little better, it is impressive that every person has a different voice, which makes him unique in the world we live in. Our ability to distinguish our relatives, friends, and colleagues without even seeing them is clearly due to this special feature. And that is why our voice is essential. It is our identity, it is our primary means of expression, and through it, we express our feelings.

Tips to Maintain a Healthy Voice

Recording voice in home studio

The voice is a “tool” that we use every day in our work – and not just naturally. Whatever happens to be your profession, singer, teacher, guide all of us we need our voice to be strong and healthy.

The voice comes from the cooperation of the two vocal cords located in the larynx. These are two white strips, which come in contact to create our voice and move away from each other when we want to breathe. The importance of our voice in our daily lives is what forces us to be careful with it. It would be good to follow some essential tips to keep it as healthy as possible:

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1. Try not to speak loudly or whisper for a long time.

2. Keep your body hydrated – 6 to 8 glasses of water a day is a necessary amount to help the vocal cords vibrate easily and quickly.

3. Avoid smoking, even passive.

4. Avoid alcohol and caffeine. Alcoholic beverages and coffee dehydrate the body.

5. Avoid areas with excessive noise. When we try to speak in such places, we bother our voice more.

6. Do not try to clear your throat by coughing. All you can do is take care of the condition of the vocal cords.

7. Maintain a balanced diet with fruits and vegetables. Junk food and the wrong times, which we choose to eat, can lead to gastroesophageal reflux disease. The return of gastric fluid to the pharynx causes burning and hoarseness of the voice.

8. Poor heating of the house or workplace causes problems in the vocal cords. Air conditioners remove all moisture, dehydrating our throat. Also, prefer to use a dehumidifier at home.

The average voice must fulfil its linguistic roles: conveying a message in an understandable way and having endurance during continuous speech. It must also satisfy the individual, feel comfortable and meet his work and social requirements.

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If these structures are disrupted due to voice abuse or other organic causes, the person has difficulty communicating because he feels tension and makes an effort when speaking. He often has a severe cough and feels the need to clear his throat constantly. It also has an inappropriate or inadequate way of breathing. Therefore, these symptoms significantly affect the social interaction, the emotional state of the individual, his learning and professional progress. The latter refers to the enormous influence that a potential complication has on professions based on the use of your voice, such as that of the voice actor.

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A voice actor must keep his voice healthy because it is his only “tool” for the job he does. A creative job that allows him to create and work from home. A voice actor makes a variety of audio content for media such as television, radio and various internet channels. It is a very lucrative profession, which you can also practice from the safety of your home. Of course, all you have to do is contact the company Voquent and join its enormous group of voice actors. But don’t forget to keep your voice healthy during your recordings, okay?