Movavi Video Editor Plus is Your iMovie for PC



iMovie is a great video making tool for Mac users. If you aren’t a mac user you are seriously missing out on a great video editing software since Apple hasn’t launched iMovie for Windows yet. But worry not, there are some awesome Windows video editing applications that allow you to make customized videos . The best in this regard is Movavi Video Editor Plus that works pretty much like iMovie for PC.

The Movavi Video Editor Plus is a user-friendly software that gives you complete liberty to edit your created videos through its exciting features. The software is so well built that it takes only a few minutes for you to learn its use. You can edit your videos, improve their quality, add slow motion, and other effects, all with a few clicks and create extremely professional videos.


Choosing your favorite effect from the available range can be a fun task. Add the ‘Old Movie’ filter to give a 70’s feel to your footage or you could go crazy with ‘Pop Art’ to give your video futuristic vivid colors. With the 40+ effects and filters, you will be able to create something new every single time, leaving your friends impressed beyond belief.

A smooth flowing video is every YouTuber’s dream, as it creates a sense of professionalism. Of course, you won’t be impressed with a video with abrupt scene changes. Movavi Video Editor Plus provides you a range of cool transition effects. Whatever transition feels right to you, is accessible in the software. Choose from unfolding origami, turning pinwheel, folding page which is a great way to settle slideshow, among others.

Talking about slideshows, the iMovie alternate offers you incredible options to make your slideshow even more interesting and appealing to others. The good thing is the process is fairly simple and the outcome is a product full of noteworthy fades with atmospheric music to set the mood.

Other exciting features you can use to ameliorate your footage are:

  • Add a title from 100+ fonts to create a cool start / end for your video
  • Support for all the major formats, so you can import and export videos in your preferable format

User Tips

Movavi Video Editor Plus allows you to create a montage using photo of your recent trip to Europe and add crazy effects to make your finished product look professional and noteworthy. If you consider, you can also add audio explaining the video to make it easier for your viewers to understand.

Movavi Video Editor Plus is free to download, so what you are waiting for?