Why Super Swamper Tires are Necessary for Snow Trips


Traveling in the winter months can be exiting and memorable, especially when there is snow.

Without the right tires, however, those fluffy white flakes quickly change from fun to hazardous on the road. Snow may present several dangers for drivers, including the following:

  • Obscuring ice on the road
  • Creating slick, sticky or slippery road surfaces
  • Getting tires stuck or dug in
  • Reducing visibility

When taking a snow trip, it is important that your vehicle is properly equipped to handle the conditions, which includes having the right tires. The design benefits of super swamper tires make them the perfect solution to help you get where you’re going.

Designed for Maximum Traction and Durability

The tread design pattern and puncture-resistant hip on super swamper tires allows them to easily chew through even deep snow, helping to keep you from getting stuck. The super swampers for sale feature lugs designed toward better self-cleaning and enhanced traction. Whether you travel daily through winter weather or only experience snow on the road when taking a winter trip, the superior traction super swampers provide help you maintain control of your vehicle.

Using the Snow to Your Advantage

Super Swamper tires have factory siping, providing enhanced traction on snow-covered roads. Sipes work by forcing snow into micro-thin voids as the tread meets the road surface. When the tire comes back around, the snow in the voids naturally clings to the new snow on the road. Think of the way the snow sticks to itself when you’re making a snowball. This increased friction helps enhance the tires’ traction.

Radial Composition Combats the Cold

It may seem that all tires are made equal when it comes to enduring cold temperatures. At sub-freezing temperatures, however, the rubber’s ability to stay flexible may be compromised. A radial tire, super swampers are made from a softer rubber compound, allowing them to remain pliable and maintain their traction in cold weather.

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