Top 9 Lessons You Learn After Dating a Narcissist


Have you been in relationships with a control freak who lacks empathy? Well, then you know what we are going to talk about. We all have our own moments of narcissism, anyway. And being narcissistic in certain things is not a bad thing at all. Being a control freak with extreme level of self-confidence can easily help you to achieve success at work. But when it comes to romantic relationships, things get different, as no one wants to be treated as someone’s possession. Still, dating a narcissist can give you some important lessons, which we are going to check out without further ado. Was written with help of experts from

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You Start Seeing Through the Empty Flattery

Narcissists love telling you how great and charming you. Whenever you are dating a narcissist you receive tons of flattering words. Still, it’s just an empty flattery, because all of those kind words are said not because a narcissist adore you, but because he wants you to adore him. After dating a narcissist you learn to see through that empty flattery, and believe only those flattering words that are combined with actions.

You Are Enjoying a Slow Ride

Narcissists are known for their fast approach. Your dating starts with love at first sight. First you are swept away with their attention, and the next day they simply forget about your existence. That’s why after dating a narcissist, you feel happy with slow-paced relationship development, as it is mostly more trustworthy.

You Value Those Who Admit They Were Wrong

Narcissists never admit the fact that they were wrong, even if it beyond obvious. And if you try to say that they were wrong, it will most likely to result into scandal, which is beyond ridiculous. That’s why after dating a narcissist you start valuing people who have no problems with admitting that they were wrong.

You Rediscover Life Outside Your Relationship

Dating a narcissist easily results into your world being completely devoured by relationship. You have no friends any longer, and if you do, you see each other on rare occasions with your partner not knowing about it. After breaking up with narcissist you enjoy your life, as you start rediscovering the life outside of your relationship.

You Start Appreciating Vulnerability

When you dating a narcissist, you quickly understand that he considers any expression of emotional vulnerability as some kind of weakness. After ending relationships with a narcissistic person you rediscover that strange feeling of being okay with tears or with being touched by something.

You Can’t Indulge Everyone

You spent so much time trying to indulge your narcissistic partner, that after the breakup you can clearly see that you can’t and, actually, don’t have to indulge anyone.

You Learn to Set Boundaries

After spending sometime in a role of someone’s possession, you learn that no matter how you love each other, there must be some time-alone and private territory with boundaries that no one has a right to cross.

Your Next Partner Will Appreciate Your Success

Narcissists make you feel that you are worthless. You can’t achieve success, and even if you can’t, your success is not that important as theirs. So, after breaking up with them, you know that your next partner would be the one who would be able to appreciate your success.

You End Up Stronger Than Ever

What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger sounds quite a cliche, but that’s the way you feel after breaking up with narcissist. After dating one, you know that you can withstand almost anything, because you feel stronger than ever, as you managed to break away from relationships with a manipulative person.