Top Car Products You Need for Your Spring Road Trip


With spring here and break coming soon, the highways are calling for a road trip with family or friends. You may already have your company picked out and a destination in mind, but also be sure to add one more thing to your to-do list before you hit the road. Remember to prepare your car before you leave to avoid problems and to maximize comfort.

This step not only includes taking your car in for a routine maintenance appointment but also using these top car products.

Window Shades

The sunshine is enjoyable when you’re outside in the open air but not when you’re surrounded by metal, luggage, and people. Protect you and your passengers from damaging UV rays and a hot interior by getting window shades. Opting for custom window shades for cars instead of generic ones ensure that they will fit properly to block out the most sunlight.

Front End Mask

A front end mask, or car bra, serves many purposes for your road trip. It shields the front of your car or truck from the elements and bugs. It also offers some protection from exterior damage in case you get into a minor accident, which is a real risk with more vehicles on the road now that winter is over.

Seat Covers

If you plan on visiting somewhere near water or outdoor recreational activities, you definitely want to use seat covers to prevent the upholstery from getting ruined. With covers, you won’t have to worry about wet, sandy, or dirty passengers hopping into your vehicle. Depending on the cover you get, it can also provide comfort during the long drive.

To get custom window shades for cars and the other helpful items, check out California Car Cover. You can even find products for traveling with a pet. Get your shopping done quickly all in one place so you can start your adventure.